Abington, PA Post Office workers accused of ID Theft

Two Post Office employees stole customer’s Credit Cards by taking Photos or Videos on their Cell Phones. They used the cards to buy gift cards, tickets, and ‘other items’. Both have been arrested.

“At least 25 Victims have been identified so far, and Deputy Chief John A. Livingood said that number “is definitely going to rise.”

“Rashaad Schell, 23, and Daryl Matthews, 24, both of Philadelphia, are charged with identity theft, conspiracy, forgery and related charges.”

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4 Restaurant Employees arrested for ID Theft

Days after a new restaurant opened in Glenmont, NY, employees started “Skimming” customers Credit and Debit Cards, and used them. This restaurant (The Golden Town Buffett) opened in June 2013, and arrests were made a month later, with “many charges of ID Theft”.

Four Employees of the Golden Town Buffett are under arrest, accused of stealing customer’s credit card information. 

Police say 27-year-old Heng Li had a credit card skimming device.

According to police, Li and three other employees also have Outstanding Warrants for DEPORTATION.”

My advise, USE CASH as much as possible.

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Hospital worker stole ID’s of patients and filed fraudulent Taxes

A former worker at Boca Raton Regional Hospital plead guilty and sentenced to 1 1/2 yrs to ID Theft and Tax Fraud. The worker stole “…patients’ names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth…”, passed that information to a friend, who would file Taxes and get the Return money!

“Between January and June 2012, Wright used some of the information provided by Major to file at least 57 Fraudulent Tax Returns, of which the IRS paid 32 for a total of $174,130, court documents show.

The women planned to split the money, which was deposited in stolen reloadable debit cards.”

“According to 2012 figures from the Federal Trade Commission, 36 percent of identity theft complaints came from people age 50 and over

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Vacation time is here; don’t get tripped up with ID theft, home burglary

Vacation time is here; don’t get tripped up with ID theft, home burglary.

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Even the co-founder of Microsoft can be a victim of Identity Theft!

A man that was AWOL from his Army post, has pleaded guilty to stealing Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen (a billionaire), identity and credit. Notice in this story that the man was persistent with Citi-Bank’s customer service reps, and was able to CHANGE Mr. Allen’s address on his account!

“A man […] used a computer at a job center in Pittsburgh to obtain a debit card in the name of billionaire Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, and attempted to access more than $1.6 million.”

“Price was able to give the rep the last four digits of Allen’s Social Security number, the last two digits of a debit card account and the entire number for one of Allen’s checking accounts…”

“Price then changed the address on Allen’s account to Price’s home address in Pittsburgh, and after again pretending to be Allen and claiming the card was lost, Citibank sent a replacement to Price’s home.”

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Ordered a Tie online, and received Soc. Sec. Numbers instead!

In Mass. a man ordered a Tie online from Banana Republic (a Gap Inc. company). When, what they thought was, his order came in the mail, it was full of “…Confidential files of about 20 former employees, including Social Security numbers and W4 tax forms

“Inside were three folders sealed with tape and labeled “HR Administration.” They contained Tax and Social Security information as well as handwritten resignation letters, Doctors’ notes and Salary information — seemingly the employees’ entire record at the company.”

“San Francisco-based Gap Inc. blamed the mix-up on a human mistake.”

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14 7-Eleven Stores Seized by federal authorities in ID Theft Case

Federal authorizes seized 14 7-Eleven stores in New York and Virginia, and indicted nine owners and managers, charging them with stealing identities and exploiting more than 50 illegal immigrants.

“The defendants are accused of using stolen identities from 20 Victims to mask the true identities of their illegal workers to 7-Eleven Corp. The stolen identities include an Eight-year-old CHILD and three DEAD people. Lynch said that a single identity would sometimes be used to fraudulently represent more than one person.”

“The defendants are accused of using stolen identities from 20 victims to mask the true identities of their Illegal workers

The story just does not end here. Also in the article –

“[…] federal agents are investigating an Additional 40 7-Eleven stores.”

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Investigator Alert! Affordable Care Act-Themed Scams

The Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau are warning consumers about scammers using the Affordable Care Act to attempt to steal personal information and money. The important thing to know right now is that the insurance is not available until October, 2013!

So, if you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be with the federal government and inviting you to request an insurance card, hang up. This is not a legitimate call and if you continue speaking with the person, they will try to obtain your personal information, including bank account information.

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Bank vice-president and Mother, worked together to steal idenities

A mother and daughter ‘team’ has pleaded guilty to charges relating to identity theft. The daughter worked as a bank vice president business development officer, at the Bank of the West and stole customer’s information. The mother then used her job as a real-estate agent, to find vacant homes where the fraudulent credit cards could be sent and picked up.

A Kennewick woman admitted she helped her daughter devise a scheme to steal people’s identities with information her daughter had access to as a bank vice president.

Cynthia Jean Walker, 54, also admitted that she used her job as a licensed real-estate agent to find vacant homes where the fraudulent credit cards could be sent and picked up.

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Web site posts Iowans private information

If you live in Iowa, or have ever owned any home in that state, then your information is now public! (or at least it has been). A land owners website has been posting home mortgage records and other documents from each county, since 2005! The article also states that records older than 5 yrs include personal information on the documents, like your Social Security Number!

A Web site sponsored by elected officials includes Social Security numbers and other data for thousands of Iowans — including Gov. Chet Culver.

IowaLandRecords.org, includes home mortgage records and other documents from each of Iowa’s 99 counties. The Web site was launched in January 2005 by the Iowa County Recorders Association. Records on the site that are older than six years old typically include Social Security numbers

****UPDATE NOTE *****

At the time of this writing, I was able to register as a user on the site, and download records with personal information! Hopefully this gets taked down soon.

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